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Digital Swallowing Workstation™ (DSW), Model 7200
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Digital Swallowing Workstation™ (DSW), Model 7200
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The Digital Swallowing Workstation (DSW) is a powerful, multi-functional system containing a robust set of features that have been integrated into one platform for dysphagia clinicians and researchers. DSW can be used to assist with virtually every aspect of patient management, from initial assessment through rehabilitation.

Comprised of three separate modules (available separately), the complete workstation offers an unparalleled assortment of capabilities using established techniques that were previously available only as multiple instruments from many vendors. The workstation, which ergonomically integrates these disparate technologies, enhances clinical efficiency and contributes to evidence-based clinical practice. To the research community, the workstation provides both sophistication and flexibility for data acquisition, analysis, time-linked physiologic and video data, as well as the ability to export quantitative information into other analysis software. No other system offers dysphagia clinicians and researchers the comprehensiveness and flexibility of DSW. Since its introduction in the mid- 1990's (originally as an analog system), the workstation has evolved into the system of choice at the leading dysphagia clinics and research institutions worldwide.

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