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    The  Stretcher Cart is made of galvanized steel tube and surface coated by electrostatic spray. The back board is made of  American electrotyped board with X-ray cassette. It is equipped with the imported double hydraulic rise-and-fall system .
    The international advanced centrally controlled brake system is applied to the cart and φ200mm dustproof castors make the cart move steadily, reliably and lightly. The bed can be raised and lowered , tilted forward and backward which is controlled by the treadle lying on two sides of the bed. The bottom cover is made of PP material and shaped by once injection that can be easily cleaned. The cart surface is of separate structure and the upper part is supported by the imported large hydraulic pole to make the bed never sway. It is completed with infusion stand, drainage hook and collapsible aluminum alloy side rails.It is the best choice for emergency room, ICU, ICU bed and emergency bed for transferring patient.
    The security, reliability and practicability of the Stretcher Cart attain national standard.
    Its in-bed scale system increase efficiencies by taking accurate weight readings with the patient in any position.

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