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Model 350M
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Model 350M
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True contact-impedance monitor shows precisely the contact impedance (Ω) between the patient and the patient plate.

Disables outputs and sounds alarms upon the detection of insufficient contact of the patient plate.

Minimizes the possibility of skin-burn injuries.

Mono-polar output power can be adjusted remotely from its unique surgical pencil.

12 memory (preference) channels.

Dual hand-controlled outputs.

Foot-controlled output.

Mono-polar and bipolar modes.

Micro-adjusting capability.

Compatible with endoscopic instruments.

Compatible with major brands of argon systems.

Maximum output power of 350 W.

Applicable to all general surgeries that require high output powers, such as TURP, and surgeries which require dual hand-controlled outputs such as coronary artery bypass surgery.

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