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Shenzhen Huikang Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd
Power supply: 380V

Total weight: 650kg

Packing dimension: 3.2m3

Minimum main unit room: m(L)X5m(W)X2.5m(H)

Minimum separate operating room: 3m(L)X4m(W)X2.5m(H)

Shock wave principle: Electromagnetic

HK.ESWL-Vm reflects Huikang's effort to achieve a compact, simple and fully modularized ESWL system. If you are looking for a cost-effective lithotripter with X ray C arm, patient table scanner, the HK.ESWL-Vm will satisfy you in every aspect:

Every module wheeled
Great mobility for convenient relocation and separate use of different modules

Electromagnetic shock wave source
Safe, durable and effective

Push-aside therapy head
Giving way to separate use of X ray

X ray C arm localization system with optional ultrasound
For direct, precise and prompt stone localization

Separate and table side operating unit
Keeping operators free from x ray radiation.


Kidney Stone, Bladder Stone, Urinary Stone etc.

Urology Surgical Table for Uroflowmeter, Uro-dynamic inspection and so on.

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